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I grew up on a ranch in rural southeastern Arizona, close to the border of Mexico, where we raised cattle, pigs, sheep, goats, chickens, rabbits, ducks, and geese. I even had guinea pigs and a gerbil. I enjoyed entomology and collected insects, and also had a vegetable and flower garden. My mom and dad still live on the ranch.

Now I'm a full-time writer and have my cock-a-poo, Checkers, and bichon-poo, Nikki, in metropolitan Phoenix, a long way from out in the country where I was raised. I majored in journalism at the University of Arizona and ended up in a couple of different careers before being fortunate enough to write for a living. I love my job!

I started writing as a kid and often turned school writing projects that were supposed to be mere paragraphs into novellas. I always dreamed of magic and distant places, things that were different and unique. My imagination took me on flights of fantasy, travels to other worlds.

Reading was something I did constantly. I would get lost in the worlds that authors created and it was something that I wanted to do someday, too.

S.R. Vaught was my co-author for the L.O.S.T. trilogy and we had a wild time writing the books together. S.R.'s Jazz was more than a match for my Bren.

I hope that you enjoy L.O.S.T. and get a little lost yourself on the Path.

—R.S. Collins